We, as a community of people are trapped in the out-workings of our recent History which gives us the notion that “Life has no Value”.
Fact One to underpin this statement is the fact that we exterminated upward of 620,000 of our Potential Citizens in the womb during the last 35 years.
Fact Two to underpin this statement is the fact that now 620,000 women live in all walks of life who value that life of their children of less worth than their material outlook.
Fact Three to underpin this statement is the fact that our Nation has one of the highest rates of domestic violence known.
Fact Four to underpin this statement is the fact that our “First Choice” option to resolve ‘Population Problems’ seems to be the Doctor Who Dalek’s way; Exterminate! Exterminate!
620,000 Citizens between the ages of One to Thirty Five would have caused our Infra-Structure to be balanced more evenly.
620,000 Citizen’s Infra-Structure Tax-Take by itself would pay our Super Bill and more.
Our Nation was once hailed as God’s Own, when human life and morality were held in high esteem.
Our Indigenous population, who once was set free from their head-hunting Ancestral Worship, seems now to be reverting back in time, even to having cooking lessons on placentas, which I personally consider to be, cannibalism.
There is only One Way Back! Declare and Believe as a Nation that Human Life is Sacred and starts at Conception!

Searching for meaning

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As children, humans are chock-full of ‘why’ questions, often to drive parents to distraction in trying to answer them all. Most of us have found, when growing older, that we can get answers to most of the why questions in life, but also find that different answers are often given dependent on who gives the answer and what motivates them to answer the way they do. And where do we go for the Truth?

Human Society today has abandoned, or is ignoring, many of the ‘values’ which were once part of the stable building blocks that build strong Nations. The values I am referring to are: Loyalty, Unselfishness, Character, Stick-ability, Truthfulness, Fidelity, Neighbourliness, Generosity and Charity which all helped forming Societies where a person’s word was his bond.

The unwritten “List of obligations” which used to be ‘build into the fabric’ of Society and which we need to consider to “belong to a society” has been replaced by a ‘Bill of Rights of the Individual’ which is destroying the very fabric of what used to keep a Nation together.

The important ‘why’ questions of LIFE are now mostly living their brief life on the back-burner of most people’s conscious and later in life seldom get a hearing.

What I would like you to find the courage to do, is to dust off some of the ‘WHY’ questions you used to ask and have given up on and discuss them on this Web Page in the Comment section and see if we can together make some sense out of the answers we might discover.

The biggest question you can ask, is the one; “Why am I Here?”, and the reason I started this website. Let’s walk the road together to find your answer. Kees van den Bosch welcomes you to his web-site.
He is the Author of; “The Greatest Scientist Alive”.

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